Windsong Park

The operations of the Homeowners Association is managed by a seven member Board of Directors.  The Declaration of Covenants and The Conditions and Restrictions were recorded in Gwinnett County Superior Court in 1994.  The Windsong By-Laws and the Rules & Regulations are appreciated and followed by the residents, therefore maintaining the investment of all homeowners.

Windsong Park is located in Dacula, GA. It was  developed from an area of mostly farm land. The area was known as Hog Mountain  and had been the location of Fort Daniel during the Civil War.  Fort Daniel Elementary School is located across the street from the subdivision.  Many people still refer to the area as Hog Mountain and occasionally you will see a small traditional statue of a pig (Hog) on the front sidewalks of  homes. Windsong has 137 homes with exceptionally large lots on winding streets, and many  trees. Amenities include swim, tennis and a children's play area.